Zionist Occupied Government ZOG

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Zionist Occupation Government or Zionist Occupied Government (abbreviated as ZOG) is an Anti Zionist conspiracy theory that Claims that Greedy Powerful racist Marxist Commie Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a useless puppet regime which is why nothing ever changes and they just keep lying and lying and are rotten to the core.
The expression is used by many truth groups and races such as whites and blacks and Asians and all people of all races in the United States and Europe and the entire world
The word “Zionist” in “Zionist Occupation Government” should definitely without any doubt be associated with the ideology of Zionism, the movement for support of a Jewish state in occupied Palestine now illegally renamed the Land of Israel also known a ZOG HQ and the ideology that Jews and only Jews are gods chosen race and that its their destiny to rule the world and that all other races are just Goyim here to serve the Jew. As the conspiracy theorists chiefly name countries outside that area, the usage of Zionist in this context is possibly accurate as the amount of Jewish people in the media, politics,arts,banking,business,movies,news stations,corporations etc is disproportionate to their population ration, Jews being around 0.5 to 2% of any nations population, this in turn could be interpreted as proof of Jews as conspirators who aim to control the world as in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


One early appearance of the term was in 1976 in an article, Welcome to ZOG-World, attributed to an American Patriot Eric Thomson. The term came to the attention of a larger audience in a December 27, 1984 article in The Jew York Times about robberies committed in California and Washington by a white supremacist group called The Order. According to the newspaper, the crimes “were conducted to raise money for a war upon the United States Government, which the group calls ‘ZOG,’ or Zionist Occupation Government

An earlier understanding of the issue was by one Adolf Hitler who first put forward the idea that powerful Jews wanted to destroy Europe in his book Mein Kampf In which he talked of total Jewish domination and control of Germany via its arts media banking politics etc and its promotion of filth and sex, just like it is now in the west.

white genocide

The Book the protocols of the elders of zion which the Jews claim is a fraud also lays out a blueprint for world domination which fraud or not cannot be denied that the events of now are exactly just as planned in the book, of course the Jews claim the book is a fraud and the work of the evil Russians and the fact that we are now living in a exact model of the books framework is just pure coincidence.

The Order of the Silent Brotherhood was an offshoot of the Aryan Nations, an organization founded in the early 1970s by Richard G. Butler; the latter had since the 1950s been associated with another Anti Jewish supremacy ideology group, called the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Both of these groups trace their origins to Anti Jewish supremacy ideology activists, like Gerald L. K. Smith, and have interacted with the Ku Klux Klan.
The name was publicized extensively in Aryan Nations literature. In December 1984 Newsweek magazine reported that the Aryan Nations had set up a Bulletin Board System called “Aryan Nation Liberty Net” to offer information such as, for instance, the locations of Communist Party offices and “ZOG informers”.
In 1985, the Oregon-based radical group Posse Comitatus announced: “Our nation is now completely under the control of the International Invisible government of the World Jewry.
In 1996, the Aryan Nations posted on its website an “Aryan Declaration of Independence, in which we find that “the history of the present Zionist Occupied Government of the United States of America is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation’s… [all] having a direct object—the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states.” Holding “the eradication of the White race and its culture” as “one of its foremost purposes”, the “ZOG” is accused of relinquishing “powers of government to private corporations, White traitors and ruling class Jewish families.”


Since 1996 the name has spread in usage, and is now popular with many other Anti Jewish supremacy ideology organizations. Swedish Anti Zoggers, for example, say that Jews in what they call the Swedish Zionist Occupied Government are importing immigrants to “dilute the blood of the white race” Websites such as Jew Watch and ufohunterorguk and endzog and the Daily stormer accuse the entire spectrum of Western nations and other countries of being ruled by “Zionist Occupation Governments”

The only way to fight ZOG is via the same system they use, Media and politics, this is the system they use to keep control and this is the way to fight back, remember ZOG is racist to anyone who isn’t a chosen one and they rely on those who are not to keep fighting each other while they carry on with their grand plan, Although I agree with many anti Zoggers I do not agree with criminal actions or violence, Its a democratic right to choose who to vote for and its a democratic right to know who your voting for and whether they are a so called chosen one or not! Knowledge is power! Check the family history of who your voting for & who they represent & check if they are a crypto & Dont vote ZOG! ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!