Have you seen a ufo? something strange in the sky or a weird experience? if so we all want to know about it! We want to get this link up and running so post your sightings here or send them to me by email to  and give as much info as you can,place,time,description, also anything unusual such as strange animal behavior, unusual local events preceding or after the event which may or may not have been in local tabloids or television news and remember what may seem insignificant can sometimes be crucial to the sighting.Do you go out ufohunting? if so maybe others in your area who view this page can hook up and share sightings and join forces,remember we dont know what the alien agenda is at the moment so we must watch them like they are watching us……The truth is out there…Happy hunting fellow truthers…peace


  1. I was recording chemtrails plane.
    and when i was looking later ive remark a UFO .
    Its arrive under the plane and pass him..
    you ill see it as 39 sec on the video.

  2. 3 Years ago my classmates and me did this show in konkani (its a indian lanuage) which was recorded , later each one of us received a copy of it. 3 and a half years later i found that copy which i had thought i lost and copied to my pendrive, i watched on my pendrive and saw nothing suspicious, later i watched it on my friends laptop when i reached this part where one of my friends was talking to this imaginary phone, when i saw this bright thing fly in the sky to the left of him
    video’s below

  3. Hi I posted this on youtube a few days ago this happened this month june 2015 in london , check it out does anyone know what this could be???

  4. Ok so as a kid when I was about 13 or 14th I saw this weird flying object in the sky. It was around 430pm with blue sky, I was at the pool by my self. I was floating face up facing south. To my right was the apartment’s office and I’m trying to take shade from it. In front of me is a tall bush of trees that goes around the pool area outside the fence and some areas of the fence there is no bushes. I have my eyes open floating just relaxing and deep thinking, I don’t remember what I was thinking. Out of the sudden a long triangular object Flys across going east right on top of the apartment complex that is probably five car lanes away from where I am. The object has a dark green-grayish-black color, it’s hard to explain the color. if anyone was in it flying it they would have to be laying down. it made no sound. On the bottom so on the side, it was reflecting orange-neon light but it wasn’t bright, but at the same time the light was coming out of like if it was fog(more like putting a flashlight in smoke and you see the light traveling through the fog but it was jus like one foot of orange smoke light going forward instead of the light shooting back) it took off and never in my lifetime havery I ever experienced anything like that in my life. I was living in the farnorth dallas area in texas, the object flew towards Richardson tx. I’m 26 now and I would love to experience that again.

  5. This is 100% absolutely true. Some preceding events can be verified. My best friend who was with me has since died so it’s just me (and the two cops that were there) left to testify to it. So here it is:
    This my UFO story. I’ve told it through the years usually starting with: had I had a camera I could have made a movie.

    It started with my best friend and me returning to his house after having worked at his stepfather’s gas station. I was 15 and it was November of 1970 I believe. Upon exiting the car with Glen (my friend) and his family (step-father, mother, sister and brother) we all were startled with a flash of light. Like a photo being taken. We all thought it had come from a different direction.
    Not thinking too much of it, Glen and I decided to go to a nearby middle school to swing on the flagpole rope just for something to do. After a few turns we both stopped to rest at the base of the flagpole which was directly in the front of the school that was facing a busy two way road. Sitting back to back parallel to the school front, we both saw an arching blue light over the tops of the trees showing above the school from behind it. We both immediately said the same thing, “What was that”.
    So we decided to investigate, making our way around the right side of the school via a blacktop road that went to the back playground area. As we started around the rear corner we were met with a loud, radio-like sound that grew very loud. We backed up to the front of the school until it faded away. We then again made our way around to the back, positioning ourselves against the brick wall at the rear.
    The back of the schoolyard was situated with an expanse of green grass that extended about 150 yards to the edge of the woods. The blacktop we were on went about 20 yards to the lawns edge, with a basketball hoop and a streetlight at the edge. This was occurring at night so the streetlight made seeing the treeline a little difficult. But as we watched we could see a figure moving from the path in the woods to the left. When we yelled to ask who it was, it stopped, didn’t say anything and then continued on. We then saw the figure move back to the right and go back into the path. Then at one point we saw two figures moving in opposite directions along the treeline. Both stopping when we yelled and then moving again.
    At this point we were wondering who was going through the woods when we saw a UFO come from our right, above the woods, stopping to the left side of the wooded area at the back of the field. It stopped and hovered above the wood and then moved silently towards our left rear. Then we saw another follow the same route. When I looked to my 2:00, which was in the direction of downtown Somerville New Jersey I could see a distinct “ceiling” of clouds that were reflecting the light from the downtown business area. It lit the bottom of the clouds creating a clear line of site below them. I could then see one and then two of the UFOs moving between these clouds and the below skyline. They moved slowly and silently towards us and the woods. They would each stop briefly and then again circle back and to our left. While watching this sequence, counting four or five UFOs (unless we double counted them) one of the UFOs, after stopping above the wooded area and at which point it should have moved out to our left/rear, moved slowly and directly toward my friend Glen and me. All the while Glen and I were confirming that we were both witnessing the same things as they occurred. The UFO made its way toward us, not making a sound until it stopped just above us. It was approximately 40 to 50 feet above us and to our front. It stopped there. We could make out the webbing on the portals or windows and after confirming with Glen, we both realized it was observing us. It stayed there for what seemed like a full minute or so and then slowly moved up and again to our rear left shoulder, continuing on its pattern.
    At this point, having been frightened out of our wits, it occurred to me that we should get other witnesses. We saw the house to the West (our right) just beyond the gate at that side of the blacktop. We went to the door and knocked, prepared to request that the residents come out and see what was going on. No one answered. At that we decided to go to Glen’s house, about six blocks from there and get a camera. We decided to take the chance that they would be gone when we got back.
    When we arrived at Glen’s house, we searched for a camera and couldn’t find one that Glen said they had. Instead all we could find was a pair of binoculars that happened to be there. It was cold (November) and I needed to borrow a jacket so Glen lent me his father’s biker leather jacket.
    We made our way back and put ourselves again with our backs against the brick wall of the school and waited to see what was still happening. We were there for a few minutes and didn’t see anything. So we decided to move forward toward the grass field and get closer to the treeline 150 yards or so from the edge of the blacktop. As we moved forward Glen let out a shout “Did you see that?!” I nearly jumped out of my skin. I ask him about what he’d seen and he said, “That guy was running and he stopped as soon as I shouted.” Apparently whatever it was had been running inside the thin woods to the East and our left and had come into view as we cleared the L-shaped part of the school building.
    At first when I looked I didn’t see any movement. As we moved toward the object it appeared to me, and I said to Glen, to be light from a window shining though the wooded area. It was a light Orange/White color with thin saplings and tall grass in front of it. Glen insisted that it had been running right up to the second he shouted. So we moved up to about 15 feet from it and I could make out a figure. It appeared to be a tall, thin man with a large head, a black stripe where the nose was and a black slit for a mouth. He appeared to be crouched as if prepared to leap in any direction. I tried to discern if what I was seeing was my imagination and still just light from a window. We then remember the binoculars we had. So looking up directly at him with the binoculars, it was as if someone had punched me in the eyes. I looked directly into his face! He wasn’t looking directly at me. I looked him over and saw that he had a square black something on his chest. He appeared to be wearing something with a collar similar to our astronaut’s suits but no helmet. After a half a minute I decided to try and get his attention. I yelled out “Hey” loudly. He very quickly turned his face and looked directly at me! Again it was as if someone had punched me in the eyes. Glen asked to look and as he raised the glasses to his eyes he let out a “ooh” sound and pulled the binoculars from his eyes. Glen gave the glasses back to me and we watched for a few minutes. I then said something that embarrassed me, “We mean you no harm.” I felt silly after saying that and didn’t try to communicate again.
    After a time we started hearing a coughing sound coming from him. I suggested that he might be having trouble breathing. As I watched him, he slowly started to move away from us when a dog from the other side of the wood started barking. He returned to his crouching middle position. I don’t know why at that point but I suggested to Glen that we leave him alone. Glen agreed. So we turned and started back to our position on the schoolhouse wall. As we made our way around the L and the Alien was out of view, like a B-grade movie, a police car pulled around the corner of the school and drove up to us. There were two officers in the car. Of course they wanted to know what we were doing in the back of the school at night. We tried to tell them that there was a “guy from another planet” (again feeling ridiculous) around the corner but they decided to check out our pockets. Unknown to me was that in Glen’s father’s jacket, which had very deep pockets, were many books of matches. Great, now we looked like we were up to something with fire. But they believed me when I told them it was a borrowed jacket. They then wanted to know what we were talking about. We said we’d show them. So they followed us in their car as we walked back around the L-shaped wing to the East (left) and as we did I said to Glen, “Now you KNOW he’s not going to be there.” It just felt like that would be in keeping with the impossibility of everything else that had occurred. Sure enough he was gone. The officers got out of their car and I described to them what happened. One scoffed and said we were high or something but the one next to me swallowed in the classic gulping way you do when you’re scared.
    They got back in their car, drove into the field shining their light on the thin wooded area briefly and turned around and yelled for us to get out of the area and drove off. We then left as told.
    To this day I often think of what may have happened had we lingered for no more than two minutes more with the alien. The police would have continued to our position and been witnesses with us. No telling what would have happened at that point. It truly haunts me to this very day.
    Glen died last year. In the very infrequent contact we had over the years we always included our memory of that night. For a time right afterwards I experienced what I now know as PTSD. Glen was a good drawer and drew the alien in school one day and it sent me back into a brief shock. Later that year, to make legitimacy even more strained, the National Enquirer was offering $10,000 for photographic proof of UFOs. On the cover of one of their issues, taking up the right edge top to bottom, was our guy. Perfectly him. I have since tried to get a copy of it but can’t find it. I think it may be in the Library of Congress but it isn’t available online as yet. I hope to get a copy and frame it and hang it in my office. He was apparently at the time the most often seen alien.
    Glen and I at the time knew that as time went on we would ourselves start to doubt what happened. But it did. I often wish I could write it off to imagination or something else. But it happened.

    That’s my story. Not many people I know have had an alien trapped (or at least restricted) and then inexplicably let him go. I would have done things differently today but perhaps that wouldn’t have worked out as well as it had. But had I understood the gravity of what was happening I certainly would have tried something differently. Just another thing that haunts me.

    By the way, I’ve since gone on to earn a B.A. in Psychology and I am a devout Christian. I have neither the desire to deceive or mislead anyone. This is the absolute truth.

    Thanks for letting me share this.

  6. I was in bed the other night when something caught my eye through the window. It was a bright colorful light that was hovering in the night sky. At first I thought it was sort of super nova or maybe the International Space Station but I quickly came to the conclusion that I was watching a UFO. Check this video out for yourself

  7. Please Share :) While camping in Algonquin Park on 2014-08-20 with my wife. At around 1:30 am. We saw these strange lights in the sky over ” Lake of Two Rivers ” Southern Sky. These lights weren’t there the night before and they weren’t there the next day. It seemed to us like they were just hovering there. Not sure what they were. So I caught it on video and thought I would share.

  8. How do I upload my video on here. I have a iPad mini. I live in York Nebraska filming my normal thunderstorms something I love to do and about half way through this storm a moving light apears and disappears. Then almost at the end right before it starts to Hail it reappears in the same spot. Then when it started to hail I got up made about four or five steps turned around and you see it again at the left side of the screen. Planes don’t move side to side nor do they just disappear then reappear in the same exact spot.

    • Hi, only I can upload videos here or if you have the videopress option you can upload to your own blog and share the shortcode, the only other option for you is to upload to youtube then use the share code, peace out, Hunter

  9. Skyfire UFO and Loud Booms in sky april 2014.
    Watch the UFO appear to be pulled into a tractor beam or something similar. This is the best UFO footage I have ever managed to get. The sounds are really loud and creepy coming from the sky whilst the UFO was visible. They were much louder than they appear in the video. This was a really scary experience. You can hear some of the neighbourhood kids scream and run in fear. This is really strange and I have never seen anything like it before. Please watch it very carefully.
    Please leave your comments and subscribe for any updates. Keep your eyes to the skies my friends. :O)

  10. So on 2012 dec 24 about 11 at night in Tucson Arizona I was just looking around the night sky and noticed 3 bright lights that looked like meteors that are really close so then I told my mom to look and she saw it her self ( by the way we where driving home) so as we where driving thes people drove next to us and said they saw it for there selfs so about 2 and half mini it’s later each one started to fade away of course I didn’t have a phone back then but it was amazing and I’m pretty sure that it was UFOs

  11. I m in Longmont and had the craziest sighting yestarday 3/29/2014 over old plant North of 119 west of main st.. There were four black Objects that i thought were hellies Cause they were going so slow over it but no sound and when i tried to film them they didnt show up on my phones camera then they turned north and accelerated fast and in seconds were out of sight..

  12. Many Christians are looking for the return of Christ but this comet of the century(ISON) will be the emerging anti-christ. They are going to say this emerging world peace leader is another messiah but those who are ignorant to the truth will not realize it’s actually a deception. United States is going to lose power, yes the entire nation, choas is going to run wild throughout the entire nation allowing marshall to emerge. After about two weeks of this lose of power and all electronics there is going to be a person that emerges to the scene to seem to have all the answers to all the worlds problems. Many who are not aware of the true word of God are going to fall for false peace. Know when they are eliminating Christians, God is there waiting with welcoming arms. Dont be afraid to give your life for Jesus Christ, there is a real heaven, a real place where we actually live as we do now without any bad things only everything is made of light and yes we will have all our senses just enhanced. Unfortanatly those who deny God will lose their salvation and belong to Lucifer who will be their God for enternity. There’s a reason the UFO’ phenom is kept secret, they have something to hide and if there is something to hide than it can’t be good. Also CERN is the modern day tower of babel. Believe in Jesus Christ, he has conquered death and we have eternal life in him. Test all spirits to know if they are of God, you ask them if Jesus Christ is the true son of God and was his cruxifiction for our salvation. If they deny either they are of the devil.

  13. September 11th, 2013 at 5:58 pm
    I was at the bottom of The Cathedral Bluffs in Scarborough with my iphone trying to capture some lightning and this object flew past.

  14. this guy that im subbed to on youtube saw a alot of ufo’s
    btw i went to bilderberg 2013 and i was talking to you about ufos and your back story! hope you reply to this, this happen in london today the 17th august hopefully there’s videos of this event ^-^ these past two years have seen some great/horrific events of ufos, shady events, global, economy, and more that scare and make me marvel at the world and more. my name is Aaron Shrubb hope you remember me!!

    • Yea I remember mate, thanks for dropping by and posting the video, May not be seeing as many now the skies are clouding over and winter is coming but hopefully some cold clear frosty nights will prevail over the winter months, so you haven’t made it to balcombe yet?

      • i didn’t know about that event in balcombe so their protesting fracking, hope they win!!! yeah don’t know were the suns gone haha British weather…. but something is happening something really big something is around the corner, 2013 has showed us a lot of activity like the poles shifting (watch this guy on it ) and the sudden rise in UFOs and the big governments are doing weird stuff like the army on the streets in the USA and hear as well? what is going on? that’s the big question right? something big is about to happen, something really big that aliens are massing to maybe watch us as we transition and change? i don’t know what do you think? i need someone’s opinion or I’ll go mad haha ^-^

  15. Got one more for you! HERE ARE THE DETAILS! While on a flight from Washington, D.C. to Denver Colorado I caught a UFO on video just after using “Yukon” the Caribou to focus my video camera. The UFO shows up suddenly at about 0:33 on the right, then disappears suddenly after I zoom back out. Some of you have made comments about the fact that the camera shakes a lot when I zoom in. Those of you who have used a video camera know that this can happen when you zoom in on an object when not using a tripod. The flight was bumpy so I couldn’t keep the UFO in view when zoomed in – believe me, I tried. The reason why I didn’t show any excitement or say anything is simple – I wasn’t looking for a UFO, I wasn’t expecting anything at all to just show up, and frankly, I wasn’t really sure what I saw at the time. I only decided to post the video after I went back and looked at the object again – this was almost 2 weeks later. The location is This would have been somewhere over Virginia, about 10 minutes after takeoff.

  16. Here is another one for you. Some of you have have seen this one already, but this may also be new to some of you. I captured this one while viewing a live web cam over the internet – basically, a camera that looks out over the Rio Grande river. Here is the description from the video: “More than 7 minute video of a UFO caught by thermal camera hovering over the Rio Grande river, border crossing 18, Roma, Texas! While this video only shows a little over 7 minutes, the unedited version without any captions is well over 15 minutes long! The video feed broke off a lot, so I cut out my attempts to reconnect, but I thought it important to mention that this UFO hovered in the area for well over 15 minutes, and maybe even longer depending on when it first arrived”.

  17. Well, I’ll let the video more or less speak for itself. I’ve had a few people comment that this is much different than most other “chemtrails” due to the fact that it appears more like a corkscrew than a trail left by an airliner. This video was shot over Fort Collins, Colorado on January 9, 2013. Take a look and post your comments – I’m interested to know what you all think…

  18. While walking the dog July 6, 2013 in Toronto (Scarborough) saw a blue orb bobbing with a tiny bit of pink of red on it. Watched for a while then finally decided to take vid.
    After it goes behind the tree on the first video I ran around the corner behind the house i was filming at to see if I could catch it again and did. This time in better colour. I have never seen anything like this before and i’m not someone who is a ufo watcher or ufo interested. This was just too weird too ignore and i’m trying to find anyone else who saw this.
    Part 1-
    Part 2-

  19. between 5 and 3 years ago i was at a Celtic game and toll cross and i looked up at the sky and saw a light just staying still and i know its not a star cause there are never are any and i look back at the game and 5 minutes later i look back and its slowly moving and i look back again and less than 5 minutes i look back and its gone

  20. About 8 pm mountain time I saw a strange light that was flashing red and green and sometime of yellow, it didn’t move for awhile then at about 8:30 it started its decent a went behind a mountain. At 9:00 I saw it again and then went and grabbed my binoculars. Through them me and my parents saw a spinning flashing upright plate with an orb below it, I could not explain it. It then again descended behind the mountain. At 10:45 my mom rushed to my room to tell me that there were now three total. I looked and could easily donating using them from the stars, they stayed in the sky till about 11:45 pm which they then faded into the sky.

  21. I have recently come across (on google earth) a piece of land that has 25 strange circles.The circles are so precise and uniform that there is no earthly explanation.The only explanation that these circles could be man made is if animals were tied to a post,but on looking at 100s` of other farm land you will not find any circles so precise or laid out in such a way.
    The only thing i can possible think that could create these circles is a beam zapping the ground…in the image it almost looks like they were chasing something?…and where they blasted the ground rocks were blown to the edges of the circles.The 2 large stones were avoided due to there size and maybe shrapnel hitting the UFO?
    The image can be found on google map/earth at…
    And please feel free to find anything similer ,man made or animal.This is clearly the work of aliens???

  22. march 13 2013 around 9-9:45pm i followed a ufo from conway. to my home which is 6miles on 158west. i got out the car and went in the house and got my wife and she seen the lights over the trees as it left. it had no sound so she wanted me to go behind it with the truck. i followed the lights and saw it again in an open field. it was around 300-400ft in width but. more like an disk shape with lights all around it. about 600-700 ft in the air hovering. never believed n ufo until lastnite n that was no satellite nor army aircraft. that was from outer space.

  23. I am not sure what I saw but here goes my description.

    I am on a visit to Dubai and was walking towards Al Ras Metro Station coming from Palm Deira direction. Now there is a lot of aircraft activity around the skies here, but this was no Boeing. Just over the Metro station in the distance was an object about half the size of a 737 at that altitude funny thing is this object was tin-foil shiny at the top and darker at the bottom. I also couldn’t focus on the object because while squinting to get it in focus it somehow stayed out of focus again. I turned my head right for a fraction of a second to correct my eyesight and turned back again and it was gone. I walked to the other side of the small tower at entrance of Al Ras MS thinking it may have disappeared behind it but nothing.

    The sky was clear and sunny, and the word UFO never occurred to me until about an hour later, hence this post.

    The date of this incidence was 13th February 2013 and time was about 3:07pm Dubai Time.

    • i too was in Dubai on 15th Jan 2013 and as I love photography I was shooting photos of Burj -Khalifa at about 1.32 Noon and I took two photos on my Cell and there were Four objects seen therein.i feel that they are ufos. i have no machinery to investigate the same.i am posting them for further investigation.

  24. It was a late winter night, because we were ice skating on a frozen lake, or at least the part near shore was frozen. We saw what looked like a bright star in the eastern horizon, that continued to grow bigger. It was a dark clear winter night, this thing flew right over us. It looked round, and kept changing colors. It didn’t make a sound. I really can’t say how long it was over us. after a while we watched it disappear into the western sky. Ever since then I have been afraid to go into a deep sleep, plus I have a deep phobia about any thing going in my ears, even a q-tip. I didn’t know what it was, because in the late 50’s I don’t believe we had any thing flying that didn’t make a lot of noise. We also saw one later that summer. We were camping out and it visited us. What happened then, I have no recollection. I just get a flash back about a bright light, thats all. I can’t seem to remember anything else about that night. I never really realized how big it must have been for us to watch it for as long as we did. It had to have been humongous. What my friend and I saw was real, not a weather balloon, swamp gas, comet or any other thing. I have lived with this for over 55 years, been laughed at ridiculed when I spoke about it, but I know there is intelligent life form out there in the Universe. Some thing had to make the craft that I saw, and it wasn’t mankind as I know it. Every one tells me that there is no way any thing could survive a 90 degree turn. But there is a simple explanation for it, an that each craft has its own gravity. In fact that is how it gets around, by tapping into the gravitational forces in the universe. There are times I think they can go from one dimension to another. Or there are other secrets out there we know nothing about.

  25. In the 1990’s I regularly commuted on the (then new) M40 through Oxfordshire / Warwickshire. One night in about 1996, heading north close to RAF Upper Heyford, I saw a “plane” on final approach coming from the east at about 500 – 1000 feet. There were many bright with lights across the front which neither civil nor military aircraft have. I could not make out any aircraft form in the dark, but from the lighting, appeared to have the wingspan / width of a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320. I am a civil aviation enthusiast and so would not mistake interior reflections for aircraft. I put the driver’s side window down to her any engine noise, but heard nothing, not even air turbulence, as it passed directly over head. I thought no more of this (which, for me is weird in itself), but my car developed engine management problems which the dealer, under warranty, could not either diagnose or explain. There were other odd electrical problems after this, plus objects in the car going missing, only to turn up again several days later. Was this an RAF / USAF experimental plane? If so, what were they experimenting with?

  26. Years ago I was camping with my young family in the Yorkhire dales. One clear night we all noticed a number of lights in the sky. They were travelling at very high speed and very eratically in different directions. First they would travel at great speed and then without slowing down they would then shoot off at an angle of up to 45 degrees and more. These definitely weren’t insects as they were far too high for that and the lights were too bright. Nothing of this world could travel in such a zig zag manner at such speed.

    On reading the newspapers a couple of days later I discovered that many other people had seen them in different parts of the country. The official explanation was that these lights were marker lights attached to wild geese in order to track their movements. Never in a million years. As I said earlier, there is nothing of this earth that could fly like that, and any goose capable of carrying a light that size would have had to be the size of a pterodactyl.

  27. i would love to know what has 4 lights going in diffrent ways these were white and up in the sky for about a few mins then i came back out and they were gone please it happend in elizabethton,tn

  28. UFO over McDonald’s in Atlanta, Ga September 24, 2012. Absolutely stunning UFO footage!!! Solid proof of intelligent life beyond our atmosphere!!! Credit goes to Quan G. for the footage.

  29. Hi Everyone,

    I’m currently researching a short documentary film about people who seek UFOs or have had UFO related experiences. If you’d be comfortable speaking about your life and experiences on camera please contact me on REMOVED FOR PRIVACY REASONS BY HUNTER
    Please also pass on to others who you think may be suitable.

    Many thanks

    John Craine

      • Hi John, thanks for stopping by, There is no “Team” , just yours truly, I have removed the email for privacy and spam concerns, If anybody wishes to contact you they can do so by leaving a reply to your message on here and you will be notified of any reply’s, regards from Hunter :-)

  30. UFO video footage was recorded Sept 1, 2012. Many people were at the location, sight seeing The Statue of Liberty as the strange lights seemed to just appear over the Statue. Other footage of the UFO or UFO’s over The Statue of Liberty, is expected to be on You Tube as well. Really I’m not 100% positive this is the first video uploaded, seeing that it took me two days to upload the strange lights(UFO) due to copyright issues. Please share this video and ask around about the UFO sighting. New York and the entire United States must see this footage.

  31. seen quite a few in the past year 2011 4th of July was my first siting with witnesses ob 1 occasion i seen a pair of living light forms no highee than my rooftop like they were listening to me a friend and cousin was sitting on my feont steps on decided to look up and as soon as i got iff my steps i looked up and there they were a pair of low lit living light forms eradically moving in circles i hit the ground and yet what the f is that and buddy went to look up the pair shiftshaped to brown birds and took off without flapping wings i asked buddy what he seen and he aaid two brown birds i said yah well did you see hiw lit they were he aaid yah

  32. The best video of the lights spinning in a circle mid way threw video.
    [link to]

    9/13/12 8:00 pm over murrells inlet garden city
    I was on my buddies boat with five friends. We all saw a very unusual light array in the sky. We saw 7 lights vertical over the entrance of the inlet in murrells inlet. It later shot over gulf stream cafe and around the sky at 8:00 pm. It returned shortly and 1 light all the way to ten lights turned on and rotated in a circle. On a large screen it looks much better. I filmed this on my android it is not the best quality. However on a big screen you can see different colors. For the most part in person they looked like orange yellow fire balls. Everything was silent. I also called channel 13 news. They advised me it was military exercises and the f16’s were training. Also that they had sprayed chatter ( chemtrails earlier. She explained they were spraying Mylar,polymer, and aluminum to mess with the radar for traing and she could not say anything further. I asked about the lights she would not comment.

  33. Swanage, Dorset:

    Just saw my first UFO! I was walking my dog in the fields as it was getting dark. I saw a bright orange / yellow light. It was silent and moving at quite some speed.

    The strange thing was, I thought, as I watched it, I had a floaty in my eye that was obscuring my view, so kept looking away. Then the whole thing seemed to be masked in very dark grey. The grey disc-like thing obscuring it was very hard to focus on. I could almost see around it to the bright orange / yellow at times. Then it became steady as it went over the horizon.

    It was going from East to West.

  34. Guys at 12:20 am today 22 july 2012 my wife and I were walking back from my sisters and we saw five orange lights not all at one time.
    Walking up a street very close to my home two of these objects were the size of golf balls no sound what so ever and I mean it no sound.
    Previous to this pair of lights we saw another pair of lights one further back than the other the further object sped up to become parallel to the other they stayed this way for about 15/20 seconds then the the object that had been further back suddenly vanished in a perfect vertical upward line.
    Each object that came into sight vanished from my vision in about 10 seconds which I believe shows they were indeed travelling at an incredible speed.
    I live in a small town called Walsall in the West Midlands U.K please did anyone else see these objects.
    *small note* out of fun I waved at one object suddenly it flashed brighter two times coincidence or what?
    Guys they were big, to even appear golf ball size and make NO noise makes no sense to me golf ball size in the sky for a standard aircraft would mean that craft was pretty damn low so surely being that low it would have made one hell of a noise.
    NONE of these objects even made a whisper !!!.

    Sorry i found this sight and needed to talk to somebody about what we saw it was not natural IMHO

  35. i left a post here around 6 months ago regarding chemtrails and ufo’s, but soon afterwards it seemed to vanish, along with a comment from somebody else, i have another sighting i need to report but i am wondering if anybody knows where the older posts go? it was around january time.

  36. Anyone see anything on January 14th? I live in central Arkansas, and saw what looked like a blue meteor. This thing didn’t leave a trail like every other meteor I’ve ever seen, but it moved as fast as a meteor. It was about twice the size of Venus, and again was blue.

    This is the only ufo I’ve ever seen, and I spend a lot of time watching the sky. Usually I just see odd military planes as I live 20 miles outside of an air force base and occasionally see odd aircraft. I’ve seen a surveillance aircraft once 2 years ago.

    Roughly around December I saw what looked like a satellite, but with an orange tint, drastically change speeds(3-5 times the normal speed of a satellite and back to the normal speed of a satellite) while at high altitudes, glow bright orange while assuming a constant speed of an airplane and and turned on normal airplane lights after it was 3/4 of the way across the sky on a clear night. (seemed like a military plane that was re-entering the atmosphere and testing speeds)

  37. Here are some UFO’s I filmed in January and February 2012. I always film right from my backyard in Humble, Texas and I get some unusual UFO’s but this is the first time I’ve been able to film invisible UFO’s. I miss you on Youtube ufohunteruk (Sorry I don’t know your real name). I hope all is going well with your move.

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  39. My name is Mark Alley…. I live in Wytheville Va.. 4 Years ago, On a moolit night almost within 15 to 20 yards of my driveway, and about 60 yards from the road. truth! … driving on us 21 South.. to my left setting at about a elevation of 40 feet is a house app 60 long by 25 wide. It sat above the house, 10 feet or more A object of that diameter of the house sit motionless , no sound, no nothing but a array of lights….amber, blueish green white of whites and a glow about.. watched it for about a minute altogether.. it was 60 yards away at the most at any given time looked at the person with me.. looked back .. gone ina blink of a eye.. truth.. changed my views on life, religion, and the universe.

  40. A friend of a friend Priscilla Wilson posted a pic on her Facebook of an orb in the sky in Hermiston. I saw on here that there was another sighting on the 23rd in hermiston. Friend her and ask to see the pic. Strange stuff for a small farming community.

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    • Aha you posted a ad to your site lol no links in posts thats my rule lol sorry I always check vids before I post and any comments with links get auto spamed! if you wanna submit a vid or info you can do it through twitter or email on the home page, Doing that does not mean it wil get posted, sorry but its just the way I run my site ;-) no offence intended …peace

  42. the vid ufo tucson 2010 and the possible ufo by dragonps are videos of Chinese lanterns I’m afraid. They are often filmed and confused as ufo’s but they are Chinese lanterns. Sorry, but that is all you got there. When you see them again (as you will especially around the Chinese new year) check the Chinese calendar for a holiday or festival. Also buy one and release it at night and watch your very own “ufo”, as that will be what someone will think somewhere, seeing it float and flicker seemingly with independent movement!!

  43. “Hello everyone; This is what I seen on Tuesday August 23rd 2011, two days before my birthday. I live in Longmont, Colorado a city population of around eighty thousand residents. Here is my story of what I positively seen Tuesday August 23rd 2011 at exactley 11:05 p.m. at night, and another U.F.O. object exactley almost an half an hour later than the first sighting. I was siting outside star gazing at 11:00 p.m. and all of a sudden out from nowhere i happen to see a strange reddish orange fairley bright object traveling, coming from the north, heading due south. This object that i had seen was “NOT AN AIRPLANE, NOR WAS IT A SATTELLITE EITHER!!! It was traveling at a super high speed at least seven, to ten times faster than any known aircraft that we have in existance today! From a distance of the time i had spotted this very high flying object coming from the north heading south, it took only around seven seconds or so to travel at least fourty miles in distance to where i lost track of it heading south, and it dissapeared. This thing that i saw with my own two eyes was traveling at such a high rate of speed, that was possibley going at least over five thousand miles per hour, or more!!! Unbelievably fast!!! Then within a half an hour of myself sighting this high flying object at around eleven thirty p.m. Tuesday August 23rd the same night, i seen the exact same kind of a very fast moving object again coming from the north east heading south west! I also kept my eyes on this object too before it dissapeared. It was also flying at a super high rate of speed that no known man made airplane, aircraft on this planet earth can reach these kind of speeds! Unfortunetley I didn’t have a video camera with me at that time. My good friend Dave was next door talking to his neighbor at the time i spotted these strange fast flying objects. After the second U.F.O. sighting i went over to where my friend Dave was at and told him what i had just seen and he didn’t believe it at all. He told me that it was more than likeley a shooting star or something. I told him that a shooting star, or meteorite as they are called “DOES NOT ORBIT IN A STRAIGHT LINE” they come down at a 45- degree angle, and always a meteorite, always leaves a fire ball flame behind, before it burns up in our atmosphere. Strangley enough on August 25th 2011, i just happenned to look up on U-tube; U.F.O. spotted on August 23rd 2011 in Longmont, Colorado and sure enough there was another person spotted another object that he couldn’t explain, or identify either flying at a “VERY FAST RATE OF SPEED! He has a video of this possible U.F.O. too, on U-tube! So i know what i had seen that night was not a natural jet, or airplane sighting at all period! Strangley these sightings all happenned on the same day that there happenned to be an earth-quake in Trinidad Colorado, a very rare event that is not suppossed to happen here in the mid-west, South from where i am located at over a hunderd miles due South, close to New Mexico border. It appears as many U.F.O. sightings are becoming more increasingly spotted every single day all around the world. The closer it is coming to the year of 2012, the more sightings everyday average people are seeing. Lets hope, and pray that they don’t know something that we don’t know yet, that if the Mayan calander is right including Nostradomas too predicting that something will happen to our planet earth on or around December 21st. 2012??? Maybe they are here to warn us all, hopefully this is why we are all seeing these U.F.O. objects more, and more all over the world. From now on when i am outside late at nite looking up at the bright stars, i will keep my video cam-corder with me to capture this on film to show everyone next time! Keep your eyes on the night skys, and i can almost bet sooner or later you will see a very fast flying object that is moving a a super sonic speed that no known aircraft that we have here in the United States, or world can reach these kind of speeds at all period!!! Then maybe you will finnally be a believer like myself too if you are not now. Good Luck! Ken, from the United States, in Longmont, Colorado…

  44. omg how funny, my name is paul (lol ronnie dobbs is me having fun) and my sighting is i think the exact same thing u saw paul, except a little different. my sighting happened id estimate around a year ago august or sept 2010, i was leaving my girls house around 10 pm to get wendys and i step onto her back porch to leave and in the distance i see some lights, they were quite a ways away but something was odd about them and they were coming right for me so i walked into her backyard to get a better look and my jaw dropped as i suddenly realized i was seeing seven fireballs flying in single file formation, spaced about 100 ft apart and traveling about 25 mph, made no noise and was just above the treetops, right above my head, no more than 500 ft. it looked exactly like ur youtube video but i got to see them super close, i also ran inside and was able to get my gf and her mom to see them too (even though i wish i could’ve just sat and watched). they looked like plasma fireballs, the inside was this swirling see through firey plasma and the outside looked like the typical force field ud see in a scifi movie. this was in ohio in a pretty populated residential area, they were flying north towards some tv station antennae. it was totally crazy and i was in the right place at the right time and i was open minded before, but to get such confirmation totally changes ur outlook on everything! wish i’d had a camera!

    happy viewing everyone.

    there’s a gal near pittsburgh who has a youtube channel (seeingufospa) and has a lot of nice night vision gear and she captures hours of video of things flying around her house all the time.

  45. I was standing on the balcony of my flat on the 14th floor with my friend when we saw several orange lights in the sky circular in shape and moving slowly. About nine of them passed and went out of view behind the opposite block of flats.

    I quickly got my camera and managed to capture some footage of the last one as it passed over. Here’s the video I took

    I’m not sure what it is anyone got any ideas?

    • oh hey i left a general comment on this forum but wanted to make it more a reply to ur sighting so u get notified.

  46. Lights dancing above the clouds in the suburbs of Chicago in 1960’s

    Back in 1967 or 1968 not sure of the exact year. I was only 7 or 8 years old. My family and I came home from the movies in the evening and walking into the house I noticed all these light above the clouds. There were hundreds of them going every which way. At that time I was thinking they looked like big cotton balls above the clouds. Each of the lights were a soft light above the clouds about the size of a full moon. I watched them for about a minute as I was walking into the house. The rest of my family didn’t notice them. I never mentioned it to them either. I just thought it was weird at the time and no big deal and went into the house. At that time, I new what the sky spot lights looked like, the ones that would go back and forth across the sky. I have seen them many times in Chicago when I was a kid. These light were different.

    Even as an adult now thinking back to that time, I have never seen any thing like it since and still wonder what I saw that night.

  47. Hello!

    I wanted to share one of my last sighting that I caught on video, June 18, 2011, and is available to see on YouTube in HD. Here is the description:

    This Object moves silently across the night sky heading East direction. Although having similar navigation lights as airplanes, the Object has NO wings and pulses its light irregularly, all the while changing the shape of the flashes and varying in magnitude and sequential rhythm. Contrarily to an airplane who uses electric lights to produces its navigation lights, this Object seems to produce its navigation lights with its own body which makes it look organic and unartificial. The Object also shows a purple color light/flash that isn’t FAA related.

    With an overall imprecise and constantly changing aspect, the Object seems to be “alive”.

    Paranormal UFO researcher William Roehling names this type of Object a “Shape Shifting Entity”. Looking at the Object closer when editing has revealed the complexity of this rare phenomenon and the confirmation that it is something out of this world…. Lastly, the Object seems to be from the same group that was captured on my video “UFO OVNI Montreal – Amazing Creatures – Part 1 – June 10, 2011/ Object #1”

    Link to the video: UFO – “Flying Entity” June 18, 2011 – Montreal

    • I have watched the video and I must be honest to my viewers and subscribers I am not convinced the video is genuine, now that is only my personal opinion but based upon my own knowledge and own sightings that is my opinion, I do not see how a ufo was able to be kept in 20/20 vision for the whole video this does not add up, but in the interests of allowing my followers to make up their own minds I will post the link but I must warn that any videos being suspected of being fake I will say I suspect they are fake! I will not allow my site or the truth movement to be used for fake ufo vids, that why only the link is posted and not the video, I believe the video is fake.

  48. Thanks for the post! its very interesting and it seems that orbs seem to be the main type of sighting at the moment I will be doing a video soon explaining my thinking as to why this is, glad you had the experience of the sighting it sure changes the way we think when it happens! take care from ufohunterorguk

  49. I was late waking up for work on the 12th of July 2011 I start at 2am. I ran a little of the way to make up time, I stopped running after 10min to walk the rest of the way just before the shops which is the half way point. I walked over the park and across the street, I heard a girl talking loudly at someone, which is rare at that time lol I continued a bit up the road then for the strangest reason I looked up. I usually look up trying to scout the sky for shooting stars, yet this time I had no intention in doing that as I raised my head seconds later a light appeared, ” it was like size of a car but a brilliant pure white light glowed off of it” it moved around about a mile in an instant and due to its speed left the light trailing behind ” like a car leaving rain vapour behind when the roads wet. It stopped then the light went off. This was approximately 2.24am whether me looking up or just pure chance triggered this event my life has been changed. My hairs stood on end, my heart rate increased and I shall not deny as a 26yrs old I cried out of pure amazement of what I saw. Thank you. You’ve turn a sceptic into a believer. Ps I’m a normal guy and have a great family life this is the last thing I thought i would be writing about. I live in hemel hempstead just outside London

  50. I was late waking up for work on the 12th of July 2011 I start at 2am. I ran a little of the way to make up time, I stopped running after 10min to walk the rest of the way just before the shops which is the half way point. I walked over the park and across the street, I heard a girl talking loudly at someone, which is rare at that time lol I continued a bit up the road then for the strangest reason I looked up. I usually look up trying to scout the sky for shooting stars, yet this time I had no intention in doing that as I raised my head seconds later a light appeared, ” it was like size of a car but a brilliant pure white light glowed off of it” it moved around about a mile in an instant and due to its speed left the light trailing behind ” like a car leaving rain vapour behind when the roads wet. It stopped then the light went off. This was approximately 2.24am whether me looking up or just pure chance triggered this event my life has been changed. My hairs stood on end, my heart rate increased and I shall not deny as a 26yrs old I cried out of pure amazement of what I saw. Thank you. You’ve turn a sceptic into a believer. Ps I’m a normal guy and have a great family life this is the last thing I thought i would be writing about.

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