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  2. So far, a FF has been averted at least partly due to the efforts of Abel Danger and associates who have exposed the proposed attacks well ahead of the game, so to speak Also exposes the Libor scam and kiddie porn snuff connections plus funding for attacks such as 7/7 and 9/11. The next dates to be very wary of are 10th September, when the Paralympics mystery bus closing ceremony is to take place. Flashback to No 30 bus exploded outside No 30 Tavistock Square, home to Tavistock Institute, flashback to closing ceremony at Bejiing passing over to London, where bus top is collapsed outward as a reminder and forewarning. George Michael quoted a couple of days ago concerning the mystery bus paralympics “it’s time to put you all out of your misery”. Oh, really? As they like to do a 3 day stint the plan for 10 or even 11 September if there’s a false delay for the closing ceremony, if they blow up the bus full of paralympic stars, especially since, as you say, most are not alert and not watching, the shock effect will be gigantic. So we need to be very wary of complacency around this one, look how much has been achieved whilst others have been sleeping and they love the element of surprise. Which is why the FF Stadium attack kind of lost the fizz for them as too many (although too few) were on the case.

    We’ve certainly been ‘dancing with wolves’ for the past 60 years under wolves in sheeps’ clothing, Fabian Socialists. Also to be or not to be could be a reference to their Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ as only those ‘fit’ will be, the rest of the useless eaters (under sustainability/carbon taxes) will cease to be. Freddy Mercury (Hermes No 5) is a dead Queen; probably injected with a fast acting cancer, another sacrifice. The rebirth of the phoenix from the ashes of the old Empire in tribute to Age of Aquarius, brotherhood of man through the appliance of Zionce. Albert Pike Three World Wars and the destruction of religion to make way for the Luciferian one world religion; freemasonic chant now morphed into Equality! Diversity! Sustainability! The closing of the empire cycle; the British Empiric cycle was closed down via Jubilee ritual. And like castles in the sand, is planned to be vaporised as they did when ‘sacking Rome’ and moving here. Also, the closing ceremony featured Britain in newspapers (yesterdays news) on a rubbish cart? Please, it’s almost funny.

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