One comment on “Angry punter demands winnings for Olympics Opening Ceremony UFO bet

  1. hI,
    could you tell kevin coakley that there is a potential law broken with the william hill bet – UFO 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony – !
    the bet is legaly misleading, William Hills reason for not paying out is
    “In the event of an extraterrestrial sighting, the confirmation has to come from either the British Prime Minister or the US President, who will confirm that their respective air forces have spotted and recorded this current and intelligent life in the sky.”,.
    Now the problem that they have is that the abreviation UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, and if there was an anouncement that the craft was of inteligent origin then that would categorize the object as an IFO Identified Flying Object,.
    If you watch the footage closely you will notice the first object could arguably be the goodyear airship ‘although it is very debatable’ as it is missing the anti collision strobes, also there are reports that it had to be grounded during the openeing ceremony even though goodyear claim it is there.
    The real UFO is on the right of the shot, it is a spinning orb, and there is a second clip of that same object traveling from left to right and then turning 90 degrees and raising its altitude up and out of the picture, which would have been hundreds of feet, using refernce points, the object was behind the stadium and had traveled hundreds of feet in a few seconds, impossible for the goodyear airship to achieve.
    due to the high air space security all activity would have been known by air traffic services and so i am sure this alone classifies as a UFO,.
    William Hill should investigate this anomaly seriously,. If no answer can be found, then it is an Unidentified Flying Object ‘UFO’ and it must pay out to all of the winners, becouse its terms for the original bet that require an announcement that the air space had “intelligent life in the sky” would categorize the object as an IFO and contradict the terminology of UFO.
    this subject needs looking deeply into, as i feel they are stealing from the customers.
    Lets take this to the next level, and get in touch with nick pope, and the local air traffic and see what thier opinion is
    peace out lostpanther

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