2 comments on “Obama has FIXED the 2012 Election with help from George Soros

  1. Almost entire Congress refuses to release tax returns (Could it be because of their inside trading.?)

    Members of Congress are demanding that U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney give full disclosure of all of his tax returns, but most are refusing to publicize their own.

    The presumptive presidential nominee has disclosed his 2010 tax return and 2011 tax return estimate, but refuses to publicize any more. His refusal is generating critical responses from Congressional members, who claim his secrecy makes him unfit to run for president.

    However most members of Congress do not think that this same level of transparency should apply to them. While senators and representatives are required to publicize their sources of income, they are not required to disclose their tax returns, which contain additional financial data like spousal income.

    McClatchy has asked all 535 members of Congress for full disclosure of their tax returns, but only 17 have complied


  2. the 2012 elections were fixed a long time ago, even before obama took office. everyone thinks romney is the answer. he was seen at the bilderbergs meeting a few weeks ago in va.

    none of these people are there for we americans. the elite control it all and have for a long time now. kissinger said back in 2008 that obama has been primed to bring in the new world order and so he will. the only thing we all can do now is pray – it is no longer in our hands. this does not mean give up – it means pray while you fight the fight-however you can.


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