One comment on “Alert : H.R. 1505 Would Take Control Of “ALL” Lands With-in 100 Miles Of Mexico and Canada

  1. The BP ‘accident’ two years ago was intended to route the folks from the Gulf and force the refugees to migrate to the cities. It hasn’t happen quite yet, but time wounds all heels–the fish are dying and so are the fishers.
    Imagine how many more millions Americans reside within these 100 mile corridors of both borders. HR 1505 is another anaconda tactic to squeeze their numbers more densely like cattle or sheep. It’s just another brick to fulfill Agenda 21 of the OWD (Old World Disorder).
    This is a fishie parable I wrote after the explosion two years ago:

    ‘A New Rain Barrel’

    Little fishie swimming in the brook
    Please jump on my empty hook
    Or daddy will snatch you up,
    And put you in his rain barrel
    So I can look down at you,
    And you will look up at me.
    But my daddy has a 12 gauge barrel
    And he’s pointing it at . . . you!
    Albert, PILMOC

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