2 comments on “(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

  1. Number one, you have to educate. Starting with the roots of things. You cannot “make money”. Einstein has already told us that. Money is, because we believe in it, stored human energy. Einstein said energy cannot be made(created nor destroyed) it can however be usurped. If your going to teach people a better way of thinking to heal our environment, then don’t be like those you scoff. The Illuminati are usurping our energies by dangling the Idea of being wealthy and or a king of some sort in some arena in life. This is the carrot that caused the donkey to pull the cart. The social norms of nice clothing, nice cars, any and all material things that can be considered unnecessary.
    You mention ed making money from saving the environment as a solution to a better world. Making money is a federal crime. Earning money from your own labors is not. This is a way to store your energy for a long winter or unseen crisis. Storing too much is giving into fear also and will kill the economy. If too many people store to much then the human energy will start to fizzle off. The lesson in what I am writing is to be careful not to use the same terms that have subliminally covered over the conscience of humans and made it socially acceptable to gather up the energies of others to put into their own storehouses. If you trick someone out of a dollar it is still stealing and if you trick millions of people out of millions it is stealing. So….make sure you seek not to steal any one dollar while pointing your finger at the Illuminati. So do not use the term “making money”. Do not over stock your bank accounts or what is the difference between you and the Illuminati? Money which represents energy must keep flowing. Energy is meant to do so.

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