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    • Thanks for the comment, your proof to the visitors to my site that retards really do exist…..We have much work to do my Most Brilliant Padewans, keep on with the mission ! Do not be fooled by the dark side !

  2. Its a digital thing that happens with low quality filming and playback. I’ve seen my own face do this and I know I’m no reptilain lol you can also see this with free cable using a cheep converter box. I know the reptilians are out there and I’m more than sure that he is in the pocket of big banks only because his family has probibly been threatened by the people who really think they run things. He has only wanted the real America back but I don’t think he knew what he was in for… I hope he is able to get something done with all those blood sucking republicans cock blockin him every two seconds… its sad that you people can’t support the best thing you’ve ever had. Now we all have to pay for your craziness….

    • are you serious?? you think obamasama wants the REAL America back?? what are you smoking–he has done more damage in 7 years than the past 7 presidents combined!! HE wants to rfid chip us all, he has raised taxes more than any other pres, he is bowing muslim in an AMERICAN CHRISTIAN position-he is evil personified-I will pray for you–please get some research under your belt-NOT what mass media tells you -look up the house resolution he has passed, implant chips, taken away our privacy-when he said change he wasn’t joking-he is trying to strip our very constitution and lies about his previous dealings-let our soldiers die in bhengazi–you poor creature,,,he doesn’t need support–but because of him most all of America now does, he has killed thousands of innocent children using drones, filters money to our adversaries, ugh–I could go on and on99but its pointless until u open ur eyes

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