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  3. Ow – How arrogant are we as humans to think we are the only life in the universe !!! Yes there is other life in the universe , the church was designed to control society by fear .. Science is always looking for the missing link in mans evolution , well — our modern man was created in a test tube by other life forms in the universe.. We are nothing but a science project…. Thats the missing link and our scientist know this but , our goverment & church is restraining against any release of this information..

    • How arrgoant we are as humans? And you have just made an example of that yourself..The church was designed to control with fear? where on earth did you errect that idea from? i bet you know next too nothing about the bible, infact i bet thats a statement in which you heard from a pal and because it sounds intelectually sound you thought you could use it..

      FACT- the only plausible idea i can think of why you would say such a statement would be introduction of ‘hell’? oh wait could it be the crusades when they beat the opposition until they repented to theyre god?

      Either way, christiantiy has nothing to do with these subjects, weve been tarnished with such a brush because you mindless repetetive people recite what the next person has told you.

      The ORIGINAL translations from the bible show clearly theres no such mention of a hell, its a concept the catholics brought in…so the next time you say that chrisitianity is based on the idea of controlling a nation or a world or people..do a little more research. The only society thats controlling you and unabling you to see the truth is you OWN beloved goverment, that sadly is going to stab you in the back..but no your holy governement are without flaws, there pure arent they? NOT.

  4. You cant believe N.A.S.A. / You cant believe the U.S. Goverment / and you sure cant believe the vatican /.. We as humans know something is wrong , and after digging through all the trash,we do our own investigation and see , There is a brown dwarf heading towards earth ,there is comets heading towards earth ,but , no one in an official seat his telling anyone… Do you really think all these goverments built underground bunkers and a seed vault — just on a maybe something might happen..!!

  5. I was warned a couple of months ago that Governments were going to use 2012 Olympics to arrange a (fake) Alien invasion because the fear of terrorism they have been trying to panic the worlds populations with hasn’t been successful.

  6. I wonder how fiable this information is ?
    Is really the “second” of the pope acting on the big man’s order , and is really vatican meeting to disclose …i remain cautious on this info
    If yes then , as believer masses do what they’re told , if the old man is preparing for the ultimate anouncement , it’ll be easier to swallow to average joe

    • The vatican essentially now is a business, they make horrendous amounts of money from there people. Businesses rule the world, they rule the government…so who is actually pulling the strings with the vatican and likewise forces? ….Alluminati..Cataclysmic times are going to take place on this earth, very very soon. Be ready..

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